Josie Artale
Product Designer


UI Design


TrackFit is a fitness app that plans workouts for you to help you achieve your fitness goal. TrackFit is a solution to slim down your mobile fitness folder. We gathered a sample group of fitness enthusiasts who are currently using multiple apps and technology during their daily routines.

When conducting primary research, we were overwhelmed with the number of apps people used to reach their fitness goals and thought there could be a way to simplify this. We tested this idea by conducting conversational interviews with people who actively use apps/technology when working out.

UX Process

Brainstorming with Users

We brainstormed ideas about how to reduce the number of apps used when working out and tracking your activity. We sought users who were actively using fitness apps and or regularly exercising. We asked our participants what their current pain points are when it comes to their workout routines.

Based on discussions with our participants, and some research on the current market for fitness apps, we came up with a solution-focused on a runner's based program. Initial ideas also incorporated more nutrition features, but we focused on running and fitness for the MVP prototype.


We developed an "all-in-one" idea, that focused on running, with the added feature of providing you with pre-planned workouts, and cool-downs. Your progress is automatically tracked for you as you progress through the program.

I sketched wireframes and tested them with a small group of users.


After talking with users, we determined a user flow for the product and began to digitize the wireframes in Sketch. After a few iterations, we finalized the design based on feedback from our InVision prototype.

Detailed Design
TrackFit brand & moodboard
TrackFit brand & moodboard

Product Branding

Once I tested out all usability mistakes and confirmed a user flow for the product, I started designing the final screens in Sketch.

I created a mood-board to capture the visual style for the product, with a strong, fresh, and inspiring brand image. The brand uses soft colours and the font Comfortaa.


This project allowed me to focus on creating UI that was modern and interactive. It created the opportunity to learn more about gamification, and feedback when designing products. It also provided me with the chance to focus on graphic design principles to improve my visual design skills.